Drone Construction Photography

We have a fleet of 6 commercial level drones. An Inspire 2 with the X5S camera leads the group. It has a 5.1k level of resolution that is something to behold.  Cold temperature flight and countless abilities are a benefit with this drone.
The Phantom 4 Pros have full 4k and 3D capabilities that bring a fast and reliable product to any job.
The Yueec Hexacopter brings reliability and safety to different situations.  We can fly our inspire 2 drone in as low as 2 degree Fahrenheit weather and operate our  vacuum excavation down to 15 Degrees with our heating equipped equipment.
Get the whole picture with us. Our Utility Aerial surveillance is an invaluable source for contractors and others alike. Imagine sharing every detail of the whole project daily, with all of the interested and invested parties in minutes on their phone or computer.  There is no longer any reason for managers to drive the jobs and get half the picture.
We have also designed specialized 3d footage products that can show detail above and below.  These are fully manipulable images of the job showing the above and below ground infrastructures. When packaged together with the utility locating or utility potholing the costs are minimal, and the benefits and value are huge.
Please call us to get details about these products, and value that this brings to jobs that need better levels of documentation. You will be astounded at our drone construction photography as well as our 30 years of experience in Underground Utility Locating and 8 in Utility Potholing.