The Leader When It Comes to the Protection of Underground Utilities

Since 1999, Utility Locates LLC has been locating, installing, potholing and consulting for underground utilities.

Handling Any Utility-Locating Task Needed By Any Contractor

We have the oldest private and contract utility-locating company in the state of Colorado and have worked for thousands of contractors in dozens of different capacities, including S.U.E. Subsurface Utility Engineering.

Colorado I-25


We are a well-established organization in Colorado Springs, Denver & Pueblo.

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Broad Service

We service all regions of Colorado, including Southern Colorado.




We are licensed & insured for all the work we perform.

Our service levels include

Utility Locating


Stand-by Protection
Onsite Quality Control
Vacuum Extraction
Utility Engineering
Utility Map Updating
Damage Investigations
All Colors of Ground-Marking Paint
All brands of refurbished utility locating machines
Utility-Locating Tools of Most Types
Utility Potholing
Construction As-Builds
Professional Consulting
Professional Mediation for Utility Damages
Marking Flags
Utility Locating Machine Repair
Utility Potholing & Street Core Drilling Supplies

Let Our Experience Work for You

We're ready for you! Our clients can also include government, large corporations and contractual-level insurances.

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